Daisho Con 2008

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I woke up a little earlier than necessary, mostly because I didn't feel like changing the alarm on my watch (which actually was still set for the last possible moment I can sleep to and still get to work on time). There was also a character-creation panel at nine and I'm down with anything involving creative output. Nick was still sleeping, of course, so I got dressed, had a hearty breakfast of a couple slices of the marble cake meant for the party, and began day number two. With eighteen hours of awesome upcoming, my cake must be real.

Time To Play The Game!
(Just Not Football... The System Is Down)

The panel on building believable characters was fairly straightforward, gearing mostly towards RPers, but with enough applied to literature to keep me engaged. Not that it was anything I didn't already know, but some of the techniques are ignored so often.

Remember Cassie and her OOC outfit yesterday? Good.
Familiar with DokiDoki's growl-tastic Cardcaptor Sakura video? Too bad, it's not on YouTube.
At last night's party, this guy says he may have seen that band in concert. And he's dressed in Doraemon pajamas.

With help from my Daisho Dollars, I bought an Aucifer CD from Rising Stuff (at a great price for a full CD, too!) and Slayers Premium... that follow-up OVA with the non-Pokémon actors. I've heard mixed reviews, but I have a weakness for bargain bin Slayers DVDs. Like I'm rescuing them from an undeserved fate or something.

Goods secured, I popped into the panel for Pat Rothfuss. It was somewhat bittersweet attending a panel for a New York Times bestseller, mostly because his book Name of the Wind has been on my end-table the last few months with a note reading "Read Before Daisho!" I'll just have to add a "2009" to the end of that.

Good panel, mostly about world creation and how fantasy authors should broaden their horizons beyond fantasy. Granted, last time I did that was in that one chapter of Level 2: Children where a little too much school-mandated sentimental women's lit and Shakespeare got into one scene (and some astute readers noticed), but there's a definite upside to it as well.

I ducked out early, because KORfan was getting ready to put on the much-heralded Wheel of Anime. After that was Name That Anime Opening, followed by your local news. Along the way, I stopped back up at the room to drop off the goodies and grab some gear for the impending football game. Nick was still asleep.

Big money! Big money! No whammies... er... wait...

This is where everyone in the living room yells it out, but the players keep spinning.

Richard and I wanted to play, but it was running too close to the scheduled Daisho Bowl so we ducked out after an hour to get ready.

Turns out we probably should have stayed put. In the middle of the afternoon in 30 degree weather in a parking lot, a touch football game was not in high demand. We had three people and had to concoct some weird rules to do anything competitive. In the end, the weather got to us as well and we quit after half an hour.

If anyone asks, I won.

The abbreviated game did give me a chance to get back up to the room and shower before NTAO... and yes, Nick was still asleep. It's about 2:00 at this point.

Cassie, meanwhile, swung by the kimono vendor and picked up something a little more appropriate.

It's not quite the elaborate set we had for Iowa, but it works. The stage was not big enough for both teams and I had to have both the laptop and scoreboard nearby as Tyler couldn't make it. The duct tape is purple this year as it's a color shared by both UW-Whitewater and UW-Stevens Point, both playing playoff football games that afternoon.

And yes that is Scott on the far right representing Team Foot Clan. He was involved with the incredible Steam Century LARP-ish mystery game and did not play a registered sex offender, so we only talked sporadically.

Shock! For the first time ever, the audience took a round and banished the Foot Clan and Team Gaijin back to the bleachers. Not sure if it was tricky music or team incompetence, but given that the clinching song was Rurouni Kenshin I'm leaning towards the latter.

Then Richard took the stage and led Team Improbability Drive to two victories over Team Hot Pocky and Team Randomé. Ahh... no Sea Slugs.

In the final round, however, the audience decided to stamp its domination one last time. Richard grabbed one just to make it respectable, but it was a blowout and the audience got Negima to win a second time.

When I returned my equipment to the room, Nick was STILL asleep. If I had my Is My Roommate Dead Stick on me, I would have used it here. Instead, I settled for an audible test, which he responded to. Swell, back downstairs to find somebody interested in grabbing dinner.

Everybody else was either not hungry or had already eaten. Thankfully Harley here was doing little besides getting Happy Wednesday guitarists to sign his shirt.

So us and the Game Master feasted on Hardee's before returning for the masquerade.

Yes, a whole page dedicated to the masquerade!