Daisho Con 2008

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Less talk... more pictures!

So Good, So High, So Fine
Im Das Cosplay, Au Le Cosplay, To The Cosplay

One of the immediate things I noticed is that rather than play to the judges or to the audience, almost all of the entries played to host Nick Izumi. He does, after all, have an animatedYouTube show.

Everyone wants a piece of that ranting 2D action. And there's that random lens flare again.

The worst part about this Beatmania cosplay picture isn't that it's blurry or that she didn't face the audience long enough for me to get a good frontal shot. It's that nobody else seemed to be able to produce a better picture.


Not playing to Nick... but I'm not entirely sure what show she's from.

The Dread Pirate Roberts demonstrates that he is not, in fact, left-handed.

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong.

Here, Mike sits down and spins some Tales of Symphonia for the crowd.

The tables finally turn and Nick has to face the cosplayer. Take that, table-man!

Between handing out the awards, it was time for another skit with Nintendo Boy, Nick and Tom trying to find their mascot. Apparently the evil ninja campus club is responsible and Stevie never showed up.

You know...

Did anyone consider the possibility that his everyday alter-ego is the Stevens Point Pointer and had to appear at their football game? Why would ninjas kidnap him?

Oh yeah... because they're ninjas.

Anyway, clearly the contest was modeled after No Brand's to an almost disturbing degree. Cosplay entries playing off the host, the host walking around onstage instead of being behind a podium, the kinda-awkward plotline resolution as an intermission (I wouldn't have minded them showing the AMV winners here!)... yeah, very No Brand. Worth pointing out that No Brand also has contest pre-judging and prefers that skits be moved to the variety show... both of which would have come in handy. In all, the winners were all good choices and, while clearly a bit nervous, Nick's very snappy and on the ball, particularly stopping and chatting with entries too eager to get off stage before they can be judged. And he has an animated YouTube show.

As soon as we got out, these two asked me to take their picture. Not like I have to worry about running out of exposures. Yay for digital.

And this guy was just standing there bloobling, so I had to take his picture.

After the contest, during the mass rush back to the rooms, I ended up talking with Trae. Although the contest went well, it's still fun to dissect some of the details with an experienced con staffer. Along with my issues (no pre-judging, questionable placement of the judges and the host), he also pointed out the folly of having a mascot named after a registered trademark. Another advantage of the No Brand Heroes concept.

Regardless, we was just a quick recharge away from the most anticipated event of them all- the geek dance!