No Brand 2011

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One of these years I will remember to stretch out beforehand because my legs were shot. Given how cold it was, I was also likely running a fever. But that's what Excedrin and showers are for. I helped pack up the table and set up the room party.

Team Building Activities

Inside- the music and snacks. Outside- card games!

Despite our insistence to provide activities, the party ended up resolving into the most enjoyable kind- the one where a bunch of us sit around and talk about random stuff. Having several Geek.Kon staffers along with Jasmine and Tyler made it that much better.

On second thought...

After a while, I swung by Kitsune Kon's party for some hot dogs and more football.

We were attempting Round 3 of Eyeshield Madden (a rubber match after two games way back in 2007), but it was called on account of derp. Apparently I just cannot wrap my head around an XBox controller and as the Poseidon opened up a 17-0 lead on the Sphinx (perhaps picking a team with a crappy QB was my first mistake), we called it no contest and agreed to try to set it up on a Playstation. Me, I still don't think it's Eyeshield Madden unless it's the PC version that allows imported logos.

When I got back, Red was pulling out Evan's copy of Munchkin Bites. One of the bigger developments from OddCon was Red getting addicted to Munchkin. He bought several of the games and expansions Friday and was eager to try some of them out. Late at night with six people (some newcomers) it got a bit complicated, and I don't even remember who won. We got to bed around 2:00.

I slept as long as I could that night, waking up feeling like it was post-con Monday. It took a bit to fully wake up and get to the table, so here's some leftover cosplay pics from Friday...


Sarge shaves his trademark man-locks to cosplay Professor X. We barely recognized him.

In the meantime, ambassador alley is kicking now. Shame Wausaubicon had a stand to keep their banner on the ground floor.

MST co-creator Matt showed up again and we did a bit of world building for use later on in volume seven. With his plans to cosplay Mallow from Mario RPG falling through, we also constantly got distracted with talk about SNES RPGs and cosplay for such (like the awesome Ayla at ACen last year). Postscript: half the reason this recap is late is because this compelled me to do my annual Mario RPG run.

Ambassador Alley was somewhat off the beaten path from the rest of the convention, except that cosplay pre-judging was right behind it. So our repair station got a lot of use. We even had to do more work on those Transformers cosplayers from Kitsune.

Anyway, before long Tyler and Amanda found me and we did about ten minutes of prep work on the Digimon panel that was happening... now.

To be fair, I made a cheat sheet listing all the characters, evolutions and story arcs for the first five seasons well ahead of time... and had the Digimon Wiki ready to go for any other references. Ended up hooking my laptop to the projector for quick visual aids, particularly for some of the season five discussion.

Anyway- HUGE SUCCESS. With everybody in the crowd familiar with at least the first 2-3 seasons we skipped the introductory stuff and went straight into the discussion. Instead of going season-by-season the way Detour did, we went by category- characters, villains, arcs, etc. This allowed different seasons to stack up with each other and hit cool topics like why Arukenimon and Mummymon (aka Team Rocket) in season 2 were better than the Royal Knights in season 4. It was fifty minutes of good solid geekery and it felt like it ended too quickly.


SeanOrange went after us, and he came equipped with both a power glove and an actual Sean Orange.

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