Brave Heart

About This Song:

Series: Digimon Adventure
Placement: Evolution Song
Japanese Title: Brave Heart
Time: 4:14
Style: Hard Rock
English Lyrics: Adam Pulver
You know those transformation sequences in Digimon? You know those battle sequences in Digimon? In the first season, most of them were done to the tune of this song, and boy were they a whole lot cooler!

I believe this was one of the first songs that I did that had the pro-active inspiration "go out and save the world" message. This one is special, because it reaches such a dramatic high that it's really fun to write lyrics to accent those key notes. Incidentally, if I remember- this was actually one of the easier songs to do, so the folks at Saban really didn't know what they were missing when they left the original music out.

Brave Heart

It's too easy: giving up and running away. Every time.
Can it be the only hope we have to survive?
Not if you see yourself and find,

That it's up to you. There's more that you can do, my friend.
The darkness may not end,
Until you stand out and reveal the light.

So today! Stand up for your dreams inside!
Never say! You'll give up on all your pride.
The strength in you is coming out, can't be denied.
It's a start! A power you've never known!
Your heart! The courage you've had is grown.
And all your desires, lit by the fires,
Will never expire now... show me your brave heart.

Every day you never know the weather outside- Sunny or rain.
It's okay to open up a big umbrella.
And just shield all the pain.

It is up to you! The choice is yours and yours alone.
There's nothing to be shown.
Draw up a map to take you anywhere.

Aiming high! There's nothing to see below.
To the sky! No telling how far you'll go.
Maybe you'll find a brand new you, you never know.
When you let, your spirit allow surprise.
Forget, and you may not realize:
The rain that is dropping, it will be stopping.
Nothing can top you now... show me your brave heart.

So today! Stand up for your dreams inside.
Never say! You'll give up on all your pride.
The strength in you is coming out, can't be denied.
If you're bound, by walls that are closing in.
Knock 'em down! Adventures will now begin.
Just keep your heart beating, you won't be retreating now...
Believe in your heart.

English lyrics by Adam Pulver. All Rights Reserved.
Please do not publish elsewhere without permission.