If You Are Breaking

About This Song:

Series: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Placement: 1st Ending
Japanese Title: Ashita Moshi Kimi ga Kowaretemo
Time: 4:15
Style: Rock Ballad
English Lyrics: Adam Pulver
This was a request made by a co-worker at Anime Music Dubbing. I'm not a Yu-Gi-Oh fan... at all. But the person making the request sent me the mp3, and the English translation. The song's very pure- with a certain sense of raw power to it. It flows very naturally, almost rambling at times. In times like those, it gets very tempting to write anything that could remotely fit the lyrics, but I tried to stay disciplined and match the original exactly (an objective that turned out better here than in "Evo," which had a similar style.)

If You Are Breaking

Call my name, with a voice sounding bright as flame.
In a darkness that's so untamed I can't get away.
In the night, you can fill me with light.
Even despite all my troubles I will find the way.

Even then I don't know, what is black and what is white.
When I cannot show if a love such as this is alright.
How can we go with uncertainty?
Someday a sunrise'll come when I can finally see.

Tomorrow if you are breaking, I'll be awaking.
And I'll forsake everything 'til you mend.
When it's your smile that can heal me, I'll heal you.
And we'll stay true until the end.

Lonely heart, it's a shakable, takable heart,
With a hole driven wide apart, growing each day.
It takes its toll, something I can't control.
I extol every feeling I can relay.

One day I met you, and you whispered into my ear.
"I won't forget you if you always are near."
But can it be true if I'm living a lie?
Could my poor heart be saved? Would I be torn if I try?

Tomorrow if you are breaking, I'll be awaking.
But I'd fake any claim I'll be around.
Yet when you say that you love me, I love you.
And I'll stay true until you're found.

Tomorrow if you are breaking, I'll be awaking.
You can't shake me even if there's nothing wrong.
And when I start on a journey, you start too.
And we'll be true no matter how long.

And we'll be true no matter how strong.

English lyrics by Adam Pulver. All Rights Reserved.
Please do not publish elsewhere without permission.