When I'm Saying Goodbye

About This Song:

Series: Digimon Tamers
Placement: Juri Katou Song
Japanese Title: Sayonara Dake ga Shitteta
Time: 5:13
Style: Soft Rock
English Lyrics: Adam Pulver
Did this one since I wanted a translation of the song for a fanfiction soundtrack I produced for the readers (a somewhat eclectic mix, considering the range of my work). It ended up turning out really well, and easily post-able. What's really nice about the song is how general the subject manner is, despite how narrow the actual story is. This is clearly about Juri Kato dealing with Leomon's death (as opposed to I don't know... Chisa Yamoda?), but it's easy to relate to.

When I'm Saying Goodbye

The thunder may come and the rain may fall,
Another gloomy day's arriving.
But why do I care when a day can't be shared?
It's not sunny unless you're with me.

The moon may be full and the stars may shine.
The happiness around me is thriving.
But how can I smile when the fact is that I'll
Never see you for eternity?

I try to put it all behind me. Sob away my pain.
Tears come and tears run and exit my eyes.
Though they fall, the feelings remain.

Wish you were with me. Why aren't you with me?
Oh why can't we be, together 'til we are ready to be apart.
The end is always premature, but I know:
The times that we had. The good and the bad.
The happy, the sad. I'll always remember all that you gave to me.
What I can give to anyone if I try.
The things that I don't realize I have 'til I'm saying goodbye.

The flowers may bloom and the grass may grow.
A rainbow arcs over the horizon.
And grayish routines become silvery dreams.
When I'm singing your sweet melody.

I try, and if I listen closely: hear your echoed roar.
Far away, far away, faint, soft, and
Far from the day I heard you no more.

Wish you were with me. Why aren't you with me?
And yet I agree, that your memory is what helps me carry on.
That what I've lost is balanced by what I've found.
When I was with you, so noble and true,
You gave me a clue. A vision of everything that I need to do.
The hiding, heaping happiness in a cry.
The strength that I don't realize I have 'til I'm saying goodbye.

The wonderful feeling that's only found when I'm saying goodbye.

English lyrics by Adam Pulver. All Rights Reserved.
Please do not publish elsewhere without permission.