Ain't Got an Umbrella

About This Song:

Series: Love Hina
Placement: Mitsune Konno song
Japanese Title: Kasa ga nai no yo
Time: 3:50
Style: Slow Jazz
English Lyrics: Adam Pulver
I like Kitsune. And that makes this song really cool because it's a side of her that doesn't get focused on much in the series. Here, she plays the part of her fox, looking to ensnare a man with her trap. But ultimately, she's the one trapping herself. It's deep man... very deep.

Ain't Got an Umbrella

The weatherman says tonight, there's probably rain in sight.
The sky's making him look right, as I am watching from my window.
But that will not get me down. I'm heading off into town.
It's time that I make my rounds so I can see what I can find.

Ain't got an umbrella, and now I know what you are gonna say.
What kind of person goes out a cold and gloomy day?
That kind of sympathy is why I'm hoping things will go my way.
I'll find the person of my dreams.

My face says "where is that man?" I sell it the best I can.
Though my watch's hour hand tells me evening's giving way to nightfall.
But I've got this to an art, just waiting for Cupid's dart
To strike someone in the heart so they can share that umbrella.

It ain't an umbrella, that I am standing, waiting for today.
It's that somebody that will come and take my breath away.
I'm waiting patiently, I know that one night all of this will pay.
I'll find the person of my dreams.

Under that umbrella, I know one day, we'll walk home in the rain.
Please tell me where you are and that you'll drive away my pain.
Until I see your face, I still believe that this in not in vain.
Where is the person of my dreams?

English lyrics by Adam Pulver. All Rights Reserved.
Please do not publish elsewhere without permission.