Submission Guidelines-

Obviously, this wouldn't be called an archive if I didn't welcome the submissions of all the aspiring lyric writers out there. If you want to submit a song for inclusion in the archive, please heed the following:

  1. This is a highly selective process. I encourage you to send something in if you have it, but I will not put everything I get up. If I decide that it needs work, I will try to make time to work with you on it.
  2. Please consider all poetic elements when writing lyrics, including meter, stressed and unstressed syllables, and rhyming pattern. None of this is required, but chopping up a translation and making it the same number of syllables as the melody does not constitute songwriting.
  3. For best results, use the writing basics as a guideline to follow.
  4. If you're in the middle of a song and reached a tricky part that you can't seem to get past, I'm willing to help you try to get around, assuming I have the time.
  5. If I'm not familiar with the song you're doing... it's both an advantage and a disadvantage. The good news is that I'm more tolerant when it comes to the poetic elements. The bad news is that I'll still check the Japanese lyrics to see how well it fits.
  6. If you submit a song, I am basically taking it to mean that I have your permission to post it. Any changes besides obvious typos will be consulted with you first. You retain ownership of the English lyrics, and will receive full credit on the site.
  7. Please e-mail all submissions to