Updated Updates

Posted on January 27, 2007

As firstagent.net approaches its one-year anniversary, we finally have legitimate blogging software providing the site’s updates and bloggish-like random thoughts. After hours of futzing with WordPress and three failed upload attempts, the rainbow tables are gone and replaced with a modern system that allows for user-comments, separation by category, and the ability to split up those long blog random thought posts. Also, check below each of the respective columns for the archive of 2006 posts and some of my favorite links for each side. This will be integrated through the rest of the site (to provide a rudimentary commentary system for the fanfic and lyrics) in the future. For now, comment away!

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EALA- Finally!

Posted on January 27, 2007

Despite a drought in ‘06, the first update of the new year belongs to the English Anime Lyrics Archive! Contributor Patrick McCarthy has submitted excellent lyrics for the opening to FMP Fumoffu and endings from Gundam Seed and Angelic Layer. He has also submitted a recording of the Fumoffu opening, which will be posted very soon.

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