MST: Chapter Four Complete

Posted on August 26, 2007

Chapter four of MST is complete! Yay for plot developments! The first session of chapter five is up, just a nice travel chapter as we all head to the academy for a change of setting.

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Recap: Anime Iowa ‘07

Posted on August 17, 2007

Ready or not, here’s my report of Anime Iowa 2007- with absolutely no Boku no Sexual Harrassment references! In its place- tentacle monsters and the girls who train them! We also got more karaoke, more friends, and FUSION cosplay.

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Chapter Three Complete

Posted on August 5, 2007

Chapter Three of MST is now finished. Stay tuned, because now that we’ve got the introductions out of the way, business starts to pick up a bit in chapter four.

One other note- I’ll be at Anime Iowa next weekend with promo copies of MST, which will delay Sunday’s update by a few hours or so.

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