Sugar is the MANLIEST Name for a Motorrad!

Posted on December 20, 2007

Episode two of The Anime-zing Race 4 is now up. We move on to Kino’s Journey, which is great because I can plug my AMV (both of which are now up on YouTube; I’ll get links to them eventually), and also because it’s a perfect Anime-zing leg… or a whole series, for that matter. So go and have fun because we all know the second elimination is always the most inconsequential.

I’ll also be getting the next Survivor: Konoha ep up as soon as I catch up on reading it.

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MST: Volume One Complete

Posted on December 3, 2007

Volume one of MST closes out with a bang! Action, love, paranoia and why we don’t shout out the name of our attacks! MST will return in early January, but not before an early convention appearance: I’ll be heading with Team Green Bay to Ohayocon to kick off 2008. Drop me a line if you’ll be there!

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